Interesting Facts about Limousines!

Limousines were always customised for client satisfaction as it provided a private, quality and professional service of transport. Nowadays, with technology constantly changing the way we interact and use modes of transportation, lets explore the changes in the Limousine industry and share some fun facts!

1) Origin of the name: Limousine has absolutely nothing to do with cars or the automotive industry. It was actually named from a place in France called Limousin in honour of it's history.

2) Uncomfortable Driver?: Original models of the limo weren't actually stretch. They had a separate compartment for the driver and the customer much like today's limousines, however the driver's seat was not covered! - Think of it like a paddle bike (Tuktuk) from South East Asia!

3) Staying cool: Limousines were the first to introduce air conditioner into motor cars, making it cool to be driven in one figuratively and literally!

4) The band on the bus goes all around, all around, all around: Big bands would normally hire limos to drive around their equipment so they became known as big band buses!

5) Limousine refers to the characteristics of the car rather than the brand. These characteristics include an extended body and partition between the driver and passenger compartments.

Whilst they have changed and improved over the years, there has always been a need for limousines! What are your needs? Maybe we can customise an experience just for you!

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